Hear the sound and the feel the beat

The time for normal „natural“ drums is over. E-Drums are the new pioneers in the market. Passionate drummers recognized their worth long time ago, in the early 1980th. Where the synthesizer was born, began the history of e-drums. Music pursue more and more to the electronic way. Natural sounds were less on demand. The instruments continued to evolve during the course of time. First, they sound very bad, the tones weren’t clear and the transmission didn’t work well. But during the last decade the instruments improved a lot. E-drums compare to their acoustic counterparts. One of the famous companies, which produce e-percussions/drums, is named “Roland”.

The company was founded in Osaka in the 1970th. And only one year later Roland participate at it’s first fair in Japan. After some years and many successful developments, like the first electronic piano with touch-sensitive keyboard, a still used guitar amp with stereo chorus effects, and other participations at worldwide fairs, Roland enter into it’s first partnership. Gradually, the company has become increasingly popular and has conquered the world market. Companies such as BBC buy their equipment at Roland. Only nine years after foundation they already had distributors in asia, north america and europe. They are regarded as the pioneer of synthesizer of all kinds. And it also contributes to the birth of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), a global standard for electronic musical instruments. Roland invented the first:

  • guitar synthesizer
  • microprocessor-based micro composer
  • microprocessor-based rhythm machines
  • MIDI sequencer
  • interface for connecting a PC to a MIDI device
  • digital piano based on digital synthesis
  • modeling guitar
  • USB audio interface (recording and playing back high-fidelity digital sound with PCs)
  • USB-enabled MIDI sound source
  • workstation synthesizer with color LCD
  • electronic accordion equipped with a modeling sound generator

Roland TD-30K1985 the first electronic drum set was born. And 1997 the “V-Drums Digital drums” appears. An equipped with mesh heads and COSM technology. These drums were internationally praised for their natural feel, tone, expression, and ease of use. Today the „Roland TD-30K V-Pro-Serie“ is one of the most popular e-drum sets. For over a decade, Roland’s revolutionary V-Drums have lead the industry in expressive sound quality and incredible playability. With the introduction of the SuperNATURAL-powered TD-30K V-Pro Series, the electronic drum set reaches a new pinnacle in drumming performance. SuperNATURAL means, that you have an instrument that reacts and responds to all the subtleties, nuances, and dynamics of the drummer’s technique.

In addition, it has two USB-ports, so can make data backups, play WAV and MP3 files and connect the drum set with your PC. The electronic drum set „Roland TD-30K“ includes one each Drum Sound Module, V-Kick, V-Pad (Snare), V-Hi-Hat, V-Cymbal Crash, V-Cymbal Ride (Crash), V-Cymbal Ride, Drum Rack and 3 V-Pads (Tom).